Cast Iron Griddles Article

Cast Iron Griddles Article

Cast Iron Griddles, Iron Griddles

The Perfect Pan for Grilling and Frying

When you are in the market for new pans, especially pans for grilling and frying, look at the cast iron griddles. Cast iron has been used for centuries as the preferred metal for cooking because it heats so evenly and with less energy that many other types of metal needs to become hot. Iron griddles are also very durable and can last for decades when taken care of properly. But, most people like iron griddles because food tastes so much better when cooked on them.

Cast iron griddles come seasoned or unseasoned. When iron griddles are unseasoned, they need to be treated with oil and heated several times in order bake the oil in and block moisture. The oil coating also makes the griddle non-stick, which is essential when grilling or frying foods like bacon and sausages that will stick to pans. Griddles that are seasoned do not require any treatments prior to cooking in it for the first time, but they may require oil treatments after every couple of uses to prevent rusting.

Iron griddles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. There are square griddles, round griddles, and rectangle griddles. Some griddles have ridges while other cast iron griddles are completely flat. Some griddles have high sides, and some have no sides. While every griddle can cook just about anything, people have their preferences and favorites. Also, the different sizes and shapes make it easier to cook on different surfaces. A flat griddle with no handles works well when placed over two burners on a stove top. A circle or square griddle with a handle can be used when camping, on a stove top, or over an open flame. A flat griddle is great for making pancakes, hot dogs, eggs, sandwiches and sausages. Griddles that have ridges allow fat to drain from meats, making a healthy meal.

Remember, cast iron absorbs moisture and will rust easily. To prevent rusting, you may have to treat your cast iron griddles with oil after every couple of uses. Also, iron griddles can be stored with a paper towel inside to absorb moisture while not in use. When you take care of your griddle, seasoning it as needed, storing it in a cool dry place, and handling it properly so it doesn't chip, it will last for generations. Actually, the more you cook on it, the better the food will taste.

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