Cast Iron Steamers Article

Cast Iron Steamers Article

Cast Iron Steamers, Iron Steamers

Humidify the Air in Style

If you own a fireplace or wood stove, you know just how warm and cozy your home can get during the cold winter months. But, you also know how dry the air can get whenever your stove or fireplace is burning. When the air is dry, it can cause everyone living in the household to get chapped lips and dry skin, dry and scratchy throats that can result in coughing, and the family will be more prone to colds. This is where iron steamers come in handy. Cast iron steamers are decorative and are a practical way to add moisture into the air.

There are many varieties and sizes of cast iron steamers. From a basic pot that sits on top of a wood stove to a decorative dragon that can be placed in front of a fireplace. You can choose iron steamers that match your decor or your personality. A lot of people even place a teapot full of water on top of their wood stove, which is another form of a steamer. In addition to the shape of the steamer, there are also different finishes available. Some steamers will be the traditional cast iron dark gray color, or the steamer can have an enamel coating that comes in a variety of colors, including blue, green and black. Since moisture can cause cast iron to rust easily, most iron steamers will need to have some sort of coating on it.

The most popular cast iron steamers design is a pot with a cover that has cut-out designs that leave huge holes. While very decorative, these holes allow the evaporated water to moisturize the air in the home, making it feel more comfortable to breathe. The designs often found on the cover of wood stove iron steamers include leaves, acorns, lattice work, hearts, stars, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Cast iron steamers are not meant to cook in. They are not seasoned, like cast iron pots and pans must be prior to cooking in them. Iron steamers are simply made to place on the top of a wood stove in order to restore the moisture in the area and keep it at a management ration. Even the enamel steamers should not be used for cooking. If you want to cook on the top of your wood stove, simply place the food into one of your cast iron pans or cooking pots.

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